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External wall cladding Colorful facade with Eco friendly material


Do you have design idea or following project requires to achieve durable green material with bright and colorful unique features?
Please take look on our glazed surface terracotta panel & louvers for terracotta panels facades.

Terracotta exterior wall panels is very flexible to customize its shape, color, surface and textures.

terracotta wall facade

What is glazed terracotta cladding?
- As you may know terracotta panel is made of natural clay, durable and green material.
We apply enamel on terracotta surface and achieve glossy or matt glazed appearance.
Is it long lasting treatment?
-Glazed surface is long lasting treatment, we apply enamel before firing process, so both panel and surface enamel go through 7-8 hours firing process under 1200°C.
Advantage of glazed surface terracotta panel
-Same time achieves green durable and modern, creative concepts
- Help architects to achieve color combines and create impressive facade without limitation due to MOQ requirements
-Enamel on terracotta panel prevents dust & dirt accumulation, makes maintenance much  easier.
-Available to adjust panel reflectance. We offer glossy and matt glazed finish.
Advantage of Togen / PanelTek:
- We do glazed treatment on panel, louver, baguettes, irregular shape panels, curved panel , both in concave and convex panels.
-Simulate RAL code or able to adjust color based on other actual samples.
- We can make customized samples in our laboratory and provide free samples for your reference.

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